Noteworthy Plant of the Day: Bottlebrush Buckeye 0

The Bottlebrush Buckeye is a vastly underused plant which is a standout in the garden. It is considered one of the best summer flowering shade tolerant plants available on the market. Read more about it in our magazine this week.

The Story of The Bleeding Heart 0

The Bleeding Heart is a well know and widely used shade perennial. However, there is much folklore and history behind the plant along with stories which are handed down from generation to generation.  Read more about it in our magazine this week.

Knockout Roses- The Easiest Roses 0

Knockout Roses have reputation for growing where few other roses ever could. Their abundance of bloom and relative toughness have made them one of the most popular plants on the market. Find out more about these plants in today's magazine.

  • Ulysses Hedrick

Noteworthy Plant Of The Day: Flowering Cherry 0

The Flowering Cherry has a long and interesting history. Widely celebrated throughout Japan Cherry Blossom viewing festivals have inspired not only a national pastime in Japan, but also in the United States. Find out more about this star of the spring garden in our magazine this week.

Hydrangeas in Containers- Guaranteed Blooms Each Year 0

The Big Leaf Hydrangea is the quintessential garden plant which evokes gasps when in full bloom. Today we look at how to grow these to get reliable blooms year in and out. Find out the tricks in our magazine today.

How To Force Flowering Branches For Winter Blooms 0

Deep in the winter any bloom is a welcome bloom in the house. In this weeks magazine we look at how to easily force branches from your garden at no cost and maximum enjoyment. Read more in our magazine.