6 Phlox for Flowers From April-October

6 Phlox for Flowers From April-October

When you think of Phlox, many of us think of the pink or purple mounds of flowers that appear in April. You might even think about the tall garden-type Phlox that bloom in the summer and fill the air with their sweet fragrance. But did you know that there are many other species and hybrids of Phlox that can give you color all season long? Plant these 6 types of Phlox in your perennial garden to enjoy the bounteous blooms all season long.

1) MOSS PHLOX-Phlox subulata

This gem of the April garden comes in many colors. Growing to only 3-6 inches high and spreading 2-3 feet, moss phlox are perfect for the edge of the perennial garden and pair perfectly with tulips, daffodils and other spring bulbs.

2) WOODLAND PHLOX-Phlox divaricata

This late April fragrant bloomer is a wonderful native for the partial sun to full sun garden. A butterfly favorite, you will not be disappointed in this perennial that grows to  10-12 inches and blooms long into May.

3) CREEPING PHLOX-Phlox stolonifera

Creeping phlox are often mistaken as moss phlox, but there are a few things that make creeping phlox distinctly different. Creeping phlox grow best in partial sun and bloom May-June, later than moss phlox. 

4) SMOOTH PHLOX-Phlox glaberrima

This lesser known phlox has a wonderfully long interest in the garden. The slender, smooth leaves give this phlox it's name, but the flowers are awesome, too! Blooming for a long time from late May-mid summer, smooth phlox grows up to 12-16 inches, depending on variety. The variety 'Triple Play' has the added feature of variegated foliage! So even when it's not in bloom, it's a beautiful specimen in the full sun/ partial sun perennial garden.


If you love summer blooming garden phlox, you will love these new hybrid phlox that bloom 3-4 weeks earlier than the summer bloomers that you enjoy. Growing only 10-12 inches tall, these early summer bloomers will give you a show of bright colors not to be forgotten!

6) TALL GARDEN PHLOX-Phlox paniculata

This garden favorite comes in a plethora of colors and sizes, with some varieties blooming through fall. Explore our varieties and discover what colors you are missing in your landscape.

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  • Ulysses Hedrick