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ShrubBucket Goes Live!....

Welcome to Ithaca's ShrubBucket!

ShrubBucket has actually been in the works for a number of years, and I'm happy to finally bring it live to all of our gardening friends, family, and customers in Ithaca. I know many of you from my former years work as the owner of the Plantsmen Nursery, and look forward to re-connecting with you. 

I realized some time ago, that while I love shopping for plants and visiting nurseries, I often  didn't get the chance to visit them as much as I liked and often missed out on either a really great sale or some interesting plant in town. Having lived in Ithaca most of my life and having owned the nursery for 15 years, I recognize word of mouth can only go so far. ShrubBucket was designed so that I could bring all of the nurseries in the Ithaca area together in one location and essentially make it a clearing house of information, education, and great products. I visit each of the shops several times weekly and bring all that information to you here- something like your own personal shopper- so you don't have to spend all your time driving around looking for a particular item.

ShrubBucket is also great for our local merchants as it gives them a way to moving their products on a moments notice. Plants have a shelf life and it's not benefiting anyone to keep these longer than needed. Merchants can now put plants on sale to move them out quickly. We can announce the sale on ShrubBucket Twitter and ShrubBucket Facebook with a link back to the product page and you can purchase on the spot. Some of these sales will only last a few hours so make sure to sign up and follow us on these sites for these regular updates. I also want to emphasize that most of these sales will not be announced or available at the stores themselves, but only online here. I'm suspecting, or at least I'm going to push really hard, to get some really amazing deals for our customers, and in the process promote a healthy and robust local independent nursery and landscape industry. 

In many ways this first season is going to be a test run for us all, and with that in mind, I'm going to value your feedback on how were doing. We will be loading a bulk of our new products in the next few weeks as the season kicks into gear. Our plan is start modest and build on the inventory over time. Ithaca has a world class gardening and horticultural community and I want ShrubBucket to promote that. Please, feel free to send me a message directly at Rick@ShrubBucket.com with any words of encouragement  or items we can still work on improving. I look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy yourself!

All The Best,

Rick Hedrick,



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