From My Garden Today - Lily of The Valley

Often times, the most common of plants have a redeeming quality that we often forget. Last night while taking a walk through the garden, it became permeated with a distinctive, but unknown scent. It wasn't the heavy perfume of the stand of lilac, but a somewhat lighter fragrance. Comically, i was soon on my hands and knees trying to find the culprit. Of course it was a small stand of a plant I've walked by a thousand times- Lily of the Valley. While not perhaps the most visually stunning plant in the garden, ( aka - Forgettable) we often forget that it was originally grown for it's alluring scent. Matt Mattus has a wonderful post on his blog about the history located HERE.- Who knew it was the primary flower for forcing at Christmas? I picked a small bouquet and placed them in a tiny silver vase made from the handle and spoon of an old place setting. The result - The house was permeated this morning with a beautiful fragrance from a long forgotten garden friend. HERE is a link for plants

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  • Ulysses Hedrick