5 Easy and Exciting Plant Gift Ideas for Dad on Fathers Day

With Fathers Day coming up quickly we thought we would offer up some plant related ideas for Dads who enjoy being outdoors and working in the garden. The beauty of giving a living plant is that it continues to grow and becomes ever more abundant year after year. Here are some of our ideas:


Blueberries have been growing in demand for the past few years and production has finally begun to catch up. The result is a huge selection of many different types and varieties. Not only are these plants great for eating, but also ornamental as well with amazing fall color. A small patch of different varieties can give a long season of berries for any house. Not only does Dad get to enjoy them, but the kids get to learn and have fun as well. HERE is a listing of our current selections.



A single japanese maple can take a garden or a landscape from ordinary to extraordinary. The range of colors, shapes, and foliage types makes these a superb gift for any occasion as well as collectors items for many. Low maintenance and easy once established, they provide an ever increasing display year after year. In certain areas of Japan the leaves are even dipped in tempura batter and fried as a snack! Take a look at our large selection of these superb trees HERE that any dad would be happy to have.



What better way to celebrate Fathers Day than family time over a barbecued meal.  Near my own grill I have a small collection of herbs which i use both to put into the fire to flavor in the smoke, but also to use for sauces and garnishes. Fresh herbs really make a difference and enhance the barbecue flavor. A small collection can add so much. Take a look at all of the possibilities HERE.



Fruit Trees are always popular not only for their year round beauty of shape and flowers, but obviously for their abundant fruit. With a bit of thought its possible to create an small orchard which would provide a long season of picking fruit for the family. Year after year, on fathers day, a new tree could be added to the collection making it an orchard not only of fruit, but of years of memories. Find out more HERE.


I'm a big fan of what we call Legacy Trees. These can be any significant tree which is given to mark a special occasion. In my own family we planted trees when our children were born. 10 years later the kids still refer to them and are personally tied to them. We also give special plants to mark birthdays and Fathers Day. The result is a wonderful collection of trees on the property which are tied to specific people and events in our lives and will continue to thrive for lifetimes. Here is a selection of a few notable ones. Located HERE.



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  • Ulysses Hedrick