Great Gifts for Gardeners

Great Gifts for Gardeners

Top Picks for Gifts for Gardeners

Time is ticking down to find that perfect gift for the gardener in your life.
There’s thousands of gardening products, and let’s just say that gardeners can be a bit more of a challenge to buy for.
But no worries, let ShrubBucket help guide you to some wonderful gardener gift options.


Gift Cards

When it comes to buying someone a plant, it can be quite a challenge! Unless the gardener provides a wish list or you know their garden and plan well, they may end up with a plant they don’t particularly enjoy or know how to care for or you may end up having to deal with a return or exchange. A simple way to avoid any frustration is to give your gardener a gift card! ShrubBucket offers gift cards in $10, $25, $50 and $100 denominations. 

Personalized Family Member Signpost

For a special, personalized gift you will want to check out this Family Member Signpost. It’s the perfect way to keep all your family and friends close to you (and your garden). The signs are hand-painted with a warmly weathered finish, and each sign includes your family name and up to 5 arrows with your loved one’s distance and direction from your garden. 

Westlake Galvanized Planter

Weathered and rusted, the Westlake Square Planter adds an old-fashioned feel to any outdoor living area. The grooved pattern introduces texture, while the galvanized finish emphasizes the decorative planters time-honored traits. Lightweight and durable, this resin garden pot is resistant to the elements, protected against fading, and sure to provide a safe environment for any shrubbery to flourish.


Bloom Pruner/Lopper ComboA

If you love 2-in-1 gardening products, you will definitely get full value from this combo! The Bloom Pruner & Lopper Combo cuts flowers, hedges and garden plants with clean, scissor-like action. The lightweight aluminum construction is durable without the added weight of similar combo tools.  

iKKEGOL 3-in-1 Water Moisture PH Light Meter

If your gardener is looking to dial into their garden and trace all the key factors, then a Soil Analyzer is a great gift. The Ikkegol is a 3-in-1 model that measures a soil’s moisture content, pH and environmental light. It has an easy-to-read scale indicator, and needs no batteries. It works with both garden plants and house plants.

German Circular Sprinkler

Watering is one key to the success of a garden, but it can be a love/hate relationship because of the time and attention it necessitates. Getting the proper equipment can alleviate some of the burden, and the German Circular Sprinkler is a great tool for the job! It has a wide, stable aluminum base with a quick-connect attachment for ⅝” or ¾” garden hoses. The head rotates 360 degrees or can be restricted to an arc that you choose. It has 4 different spray patterns which can be aimed high to low, providing great versatility for all your gardening needs.

Paper Plant Pot Maker

A great gift for any gardeners who want to grow in a more eco way. This product is near and dear to our own mission of being environmentally sensitive with its plastic-free packaging and box that can be turned into a plant pot. It is easy to make sturdy little biodegradable pots from newspaper or other waste paper - these are perfect for starting off seedlings.


Bloom Leaf Scoop

Looking to simplify cleanup of large amounts of leaves and debris - then look no further! The Bloom Leaf Scoop is a durable high impact plastic shovel and rake combined (like a spork for gardeners!) that provides extra protection from thorns and needles. The handles are adjustable, which supports a great fit. 

Wrought Iron Swivel Plant Hanger - 13"

These hangers are skillfully forged in Vermont. Use these to secure your hanging basket or bird feeder in a beautifully elegant way. Makes a great accent piece for any farmhouse style porch or patio. This plant hook stands 13” from the wall, and can swivel 180 degrees from side to side.

Iron Wall Trellis

This sturdy iron trellis creates the perfect backdrop for climbing plants and vines. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and has a great weathered finish. It is offered in 2 sizes: Large: 70.75” high by 21.5” wide, and Small: 47.75” high by 11.5” wide.

iScape App

For the more tech-oriented gardener a great gift is the iScape app. iScape is the number one app for all levels of gardeners that want to design outdoor living areas. Users can visualize their space before the project even starts by using the augmented reality or traditional 2D design capabilities. The sharing feature makes it the perfect tool to collaborate with anyone involved in the project.


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