Our Top 10 Plants of 2020- The Year in Review

2020 was a spectacular year for ShrubBucket. As we come to the end of the year we would like to take a moment and reflect back and share what were some of our most popular sellers. Many of the selections were new on our list for this year. Over the course of the season we were able to see many trends in what our customers purchased. In general, of the top 50 most popular plants sold, there was a very strong increase in the number of native plants onto the list. We saw a huge increase in the number of different Asters, Milkweeds, as well as varieties of Coneflowers. On our Top 10 list Lavender was at the top for the second year in a row. Our list is based on the quantity of each plant purchased since January1st. Below is the ranking of our Top 10 best selling plants for 2020:

1.Lavender 'Provence'

 For the second year in a row Lavender tops our 2020 list of most popular selling plants. It's fragrant foliage, striking blue flowers, and deer resistance have justifiably made this a very popular group of plants. 'Provence' is a well know and loved for its profusion of bloom and bluish-green foliage. The variety 'Phenomenal' shot up our list by over 100 places and looks like it will be headed to our Top 10 list next year as well. All of our Lavender plants can be found HERE.

2.Coral Bells Dolce 'Wildberry' 

Heuchera has always been a top seller for us. The wide variety of colored foliages and its neat compact habit make it impressive in the garden for 3 seasons of the year. 'Wildberry' has been especially popular due to its bright clean combination of pink and burgundies throughout the foliage. The brightness tends to mix well with nearby flowers of any color or in a mass planting by itself. Our collection of Coral Bells can be found HERE.

3.Hydrangea 'Incrediball'

'Incrediball' tops our list of favorite Hydrangeas for the year. Known as a larger and stronger form of 'Annabelle', this wonderful plant produces masses of fully rounded flower heads from July into the fall. Each flower also contains more individual florets on each flower head which increases its overall size. A standout hydrangea. Our Hydrangea collection is located HERE.

4.Hydrangea 'BoBo'

A relatively new introduction of paniculata style hydrangea, but on a compact size plant. Reaching only 3' in height, 'BoBo' is a standout for smaller sized gardens where maximum drama is needed. White cone shaped flowers elongate over the Eason and become flushed with pink as fall emerges. A great cut flower as well. Our collection of Hydrangeas is located HERE.

5.Ornamental Feather Grass 'Karl Foerster' 

 Ornamental Grasses continue to be an extremely popular choice for gardens and this is a superb selection. Voted the Perennial Plant of the Year in 2001, 'Karl Foerster' is the type of grass which works well in any style of garden. Its upright vase shaped habit, combined with its early bloom in June, make it our most popular. It also has the added benefit of winter interest in the garden and tends to be deer resistant. Our ornamental grass collection is located HERE.

6.Trumpet Vine 'Sunrise Gold' 

Also known as 'Tarazuka Yellow', this amazing selection of trumpet vine became our top selling vine for its distinctive compact size. Topping out at 10', It is a selection which can now be used in smaller gardens or even on a trellis. Its distinctive yellow flowers streaked with orange are very popular with hummingbirds and butterflies. Our collection of vines is located HERE.

7.Black Eyed Susan 'Goldsturm':


It's probably no big surprise that Black Eyed Susan made our Top 10 list for 2020. This always popular selection is known for its enormous late summer show of golden rayed flowers with a dark center. It is an incredibly easy perennial to grow and is well loved by both birds and butterflies. Our collection of Black Eyed Susans is located HERE.

8.Rose 'White Drift'

A relatively new selection in the Drift series. This clean double white flower is spectacular in many different kinds of garden settings. Since it is a ground cover style rose it can work well in a mixed flower border or in large single plant drifts. In addition, Drift Roses are well known for their disease resistance which makes the maintenance of this selection especially easy. Our collection of roses is located HERE.

9.Blueberry Low Bush 

This wonderful native blueberry is known for its ability to work well either in a flower border or  as a work horse in a collection of small fruits in the vegetable garden. A prolific producer of fruits, it is also endowed with adorable white flowers as well as striking fall foliage color. Many of our top 10 plants are in the collection because of their versatility, and this choice is no different. Our blueberries are located HERE

10. Heptacodium 'Temple of Bloom'


 Rounding out our Top 10 selections is this wonderful selection of the Seven Sisters Tree. 3 season appeal makes this selection a wonderful addition to any landscape and its smaller compact size makes it functional in any garden setting. Interesting spring and summer foliage, late summer flowers in mass, and fall bracts will always provide interest regardless of the season. Our selection of trees is located HERE.



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