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Welcome to a New Merchant - Der Rosenmeister

We are happy to welcome a new merchant to the ShrubBucket Family today! Der Rosenmeister Nursery in Ithaca is a small boutique Rose producer specializing in climbers and ramblers. We've loaded some special selections this morning and they are all marked 10% off only online. Click HERE to find out more-

  • Ulysses Hedrick

Offical Summer Kickoff

Our local nurseries are officially in high gear and have added some great collections to the site this week. Baker's Acres has the season's first 50% off sale on all pansies and violas. Grisamore Farms has added their entire collection of tomatoes, peppers, and Geraniums. Plantsmen Nursery has put their fruit trees and hops plants on sale, Cayuga Landscape will be adding new products later today. Its shaping up to be a great weekend in the garden. We hope you can find something new.

  • Ulysses Hedrick

From My Garden Today - Lily of The Valley

Often times, the most common of plants have a redeeming quality that we often forget. Last night while taking a walk through the garden, it became permeated with a distinctive, but unknown scent. It wasn't the heavy perfume of the stand of lilac, but a somewhat lighter fragrance. Comically, i was soon on my hands and knees trying to find the culprit. Of course it was a small stand of a plant I've walked by a thousand times- Lily of the Valley. While not perhaps the most visually stunning plant in the garden, ( aka - Forgettable) we often forget that it was originally grown for it's alluring scent. Matt Mattus has a wonderful post on his blog about the history located HERE.- Who knew it was the primary flower for forcing at Christmas? I picked a small bouquet and placed them in a tiny silver vase made from the handle and spoon of an old place setting. The result - The house was permeated this morning with a beautiful fragrance from a long forgotten garden friend. HERE is a link for plants

  • Ulysses Hedrick

In My Garden Today - Primula Belarina Buttercup

I'm a big fan of the genus Primula. It's a huge genus and we grow so few in this area. I'm especially fond of the double vulgaris forms. Two years ago I planted the above Primula Belarina Buttercup in my woodland garden and it has performed beautifully ever since. I've found in many cases the doubles aren't as strong or vigorous as the singles, but this form is certainly robust.  It literally forms a carpet of yellow flowers and is happy to be divided every two years - giving you more effect for your money. A great way to brighten the shady corner of the garden. Baker's Acres still has a few for sale HERE.