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Azalea 'Bollywood Star' - 2 Gal.


Rhododendron (Azalea) 'Bollywood Star™'

You've heard of Hollywood and Dollywood and now you have Bollywood Star™, a plant as starworthy and flamboyant as 'Holly' & 'Dolly' but you won't have to make a pilgrimage to see it...you can plant it right in your own landscape! Bollywood Star™ boasts deep, dark, lustrous green foliage surrounded by creamy-silver margins that would make this plant jump out of the garden even without flowers. But, rest assured, Bollywood Star™ is no shrinking violet when it comes to bloom as it explodes into an Oscar® worthy display of rich neon pink-red flowers that will light up your garden like a theatre marquee in early May. Another great Bollywood Star™ trait: it stays dense and compact meaning it will perform in a small landscape space without feeling like it has been relegated to a forgotten, less starworthy spot of your landscape. This plant loves morning sun and afternoon shade, protection from the prevailing winter winds and will put on an even better show grouped to present a chorus of color that will have you on your feet cheering!

Plant Details

Zone: 5 - 8

Mature Size: 18-24in High x 18-24in Wide

Current Size: 12-15''

Growing Tips

Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Sun

Availability and quality confirmed as of Monday, November 18 2019

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