Evergreen trees and shrubs can be classified into two distinct categories: Needled Evergreens and Broadleaf Evergreens. Both groups will keep their foliage throughout the winter but their appearance is very different. Most needled evergreens have the classic "pine tree" look of thin needle shaped foliage, however, they can also be awl-like (such as Junipers) or scale like (such as Arborvitae). Broadleaf evergreens have a flat surface them and can be as small as boxwood leaves or as large as certain azaleas or magnolias. Both are superb for the garden setting and help extend the gardening season throughout the year and provide great interest. Evergreen plants should not be confused with the term "Conifer." Conifers are represented by those plants which reproduce by cones only. Some evergreens are included this group as well as many deciduous plants. We are fortunate to have one of the largest selections online of both needled and broadleaf evergreens available which can suit almost any imaginable garden situation!



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