Fruit trees are one of our most popular selling items. They tend to be interesting trees as decorative specimens but also provide an abundance of fruit for any home. They have been grown for thousands of years, and have a long history of their culture from Southeastern Asia to the Mediterranean, to our own North America.

In our climate the key to success depends on two factors. The first is choosing the correct type of tree for your particular conditions. Most fruit trees want full sun and an average soil with plenty of organic matter incorporated. For the best tasting and largest fruit make sure your tree gets regular watering throughout the season, but especially as the fruit is forming. Hybridizers have created many different sized trees for different locations. Make sure to check that you have the height and width requirements for your location. Finally, also remember that you're not the only one who likes fruit. When fruit is ripening many types become favorites of birds and other animals such as chipmunks. Netting the tree with a thin monofilament net can make all the difference.

The second factors to consider is to make sure you know the proper pollinators for your tree. Many trees require a second variety to pollinate the flowers and get fruit. See the next article on the simple way to find the proper pollinator here: 

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Fruit Trees

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