Apple 'Empire' - 7 Gal.


Malus 'Empire'

Empire' is a cross between 'McIntosh' and 'Red Delicious'. The result is a crisp, medium-sized apple with dark, red-blushed skin and cream flesh that is sweet with a slightly tart flavor. Get ready for a bountiful harvest of quality fruit in mid September! A good disease resistant apple that bears young and reliably even in hot summer climates. Makes a good pollinator for 'Winesap','Gravenstein' and 'Jonagold'. A tasty, fresh-eating apple with a good storage life.

Plant Details

Zone: 4 - 8

Mature Size: 12-15ft High x 12-15ft Wide

Current Size: 5-6'

Growing Tips

Thrives in full sun in average, well-drained soil that is slightly acidic. Prune in late winter. Prune in winter to promote open branching and good airflow for fruiting.

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

Availability and quality confirmed as of Thursday, December 12 2019

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