Cherry 'Lapins' - 7 Gal.


Prunus x 'Lapins'

(Semi-Dwarf) If you love the idea of having a Cherry tree in your yard but only have room for a single tree then 'Lapins' is the one for you! 'Lapins' is self fertile meaning, unlike many other sweet Cherries, it doesn't need another Cherry to produce a bumper crop of delicious fruit each year. Starting in late April or early May, its branches will be covered with beautiful white flowers. As the flowers fade, small green Cherries take their place and mature through the summer into extra large, mahogany fruits that are ready for harvest in late July and early August. These Cherries are crisp and sweet and are one of the best, high quality dessert Cherries available perfect for pies, preserving or drying. If you do have other Cherries planted, 'Lapins' is an excellent early blooming pollinator and is very easy to grow. Make sure you cover the tree as fruit ripens so the birds won't steal most of your Cherries!

Plant Details

Zone: 5 - 8

Mature Size: 15-20ft High x 15-20ft Wide

Current Size: 5-7'

Availability and quality confirmed as of Saturday, November 30 2019

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