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Allegheny Spurge - 1 Gal.


Pachysandra procumbens

Many people confuse this plant and think of it as a perennial. You may be able to treat it that way, but it really is in the Boxwood family and many times stands in the shadow of its overused Asian cousin, Pachysandra terminalis. Procumbens is a much better landscape plant, far less invasive yet still possessing the groundcover qualities of survival in tough areas that will make it incredibly useful in the landscape. This plant is evergreen zone 6 in the south and semi-evergreen north of this zone. It slowly forms sizable colonies of stems with whorled, deep green 2-4 long, slightly mottled leaves at the top and bare stem below. Flowers appear at the tips of stems above the foliage in early April forming a 2 tall spike of small, white very fragrant flowers that native insects flock to. As fall approaches, its mottled green foliage takes on a bluish cast and the mottling becomes far more pronounced, giving it an even better landscape look. This shade lover is perfect for massing in wooded areas and your garden critters will love the low cover it provides.

Interesting Notes

Why plant English Ivy, Vinca or Liriope when you can enjoy this native evergreen gem? Fragrant, white flower spikes appear in spring, later becoming camouflaged by a new flush of gorgeous, crisp green foliage. Leaves have a scalloped margin and take on an attractive pale silver mottling.

Plant Details

Zone: 4 - 8

Mature Size: -in High x -in Wide

Growing Tips

Plant in moist, humus-rich, acidic soil under part to full shade.

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