ShrubBucket Shrub Collection

ShrubBucket's list of shrubs for sale is the most comprehensive and largest available for sale in the country. Shrubs are simply woody plants which have multiple stems which originate at or near ground level. They are grow as flowering shrubs or grown for their foliage interest. Generally speaking what distinguishes a shrub from a tree is height. I consider a shrub up to 13-15 feet tall. Anything over that would be considered a multi-stem tree. This is not a rule, but more of a general guideline. Shrubs can be deciduous (loose their foliage in winter) or evergreen (keep their foliage). Shrubs may be grown for their foliage, their flowers, or for their fruit (see small fruit shrubs HERE). Shrubs are considered one of the cornerstones of any foundation or garden planting. They provide structure and an organization that few other groups of plants can. 


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