ShrubBucket Perennials for Shade
10) Heuchera-Coral Bells With dozens of colors to choose from, this shade garden staple is low maintenance and great for the border.
9) Pulmonaria-Lungwort If you've never tried this polka-dotted cutie, now is the time. A great shade groundcover, lungwort blooms blue and pink on the same plant in early spring.
8) Ferns Ferns range in sizes and colors. Painted ferns for the front, Cinnamon ferns for the back. And everything in between. The texture of a fern can help to soften the look and really helps to draw the eye to details.
7) Cimicifuga-Bugbane You probably have seen this, but never knew what it was! If you are looking for something different for your shade garden, LOOK NO FURTHER. This burgundy foliage, white late summer flowering perennial is a great addition to your shade garden.
6) Dicentra-Bleeding Hearts Did you know bleeding hearts come in white, pink, red, gold leaf, fern leaf and so on? Your grandmother probably has these in her garden, but with our selections, you can have something unique that's sure to impress!
5) Helleborus-Lenton Rose Evergreen foliage, deer resistant and blooms in March/April. What more could you ask for in a shade perennial?
4) Lamium-Dead Nettle Don't let the common name of this awesome ground cover fool you, Lamium is one of the toughest shade plants available! With a variety of variegated foliage and flower colors to choose from, try some lamium in your garden today.
3) Astilbe If you want big flower power in your shade garden, you must have at least 1 of these. Astilbe comes in white, purple, red, pink, peach and everything in between.
2) Hakenochloa-Japanese Sedge Grass There aren't many grassed that can tolerate shade, but here's our favorite. Japanese Sedge grass is a beautiful pop of gold that will catch your eye.
1) Hosta- Plantain Lily You all have some, but did you know that breeders are getting bigger/better colors in them? Take at look at some of the hottest new varieties.

Top 10 Shade Garden Perennials

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