Mountain Laurel 'Keepsake' - 3 Gal.


Kalmia latifolia 'Keepsake'

Keepsake' was chosen for its deep, raspberry-red buds which open to a nearly solid purple-burgundy flower edged with a thin rim of pure white which sets-off each bloom. The colorful buds extend the showy garden display for at least four weeks, more if the weather is cool. As the flowers fade, lush bronzy-red foliage erupts from the stems and matures to a deep dark, shiny leaf with an interesting bluish sheen. This attractive new foliage is perched on coral red stems.

Interesting Notes

Keepsake' is the work of five generations of controlled crosses by master Kalmia breeder Dick Jaynes, who began his work in 1966.

Plant Details

Zone: 5 - 9

Mature Size: 4-5ft High x 5-6ft Wide

Current Size: 15-18"

Growing Tips

This beautiful and hardy shrub prefers partial shade and highly organic acid soil that is evenly moist but well drained. It does well in full sun in cool moist sites. Plant it shallowly and mulch well to conserve moisture and suppress weeds. It likes warm summers and cool winters and require some winter cold for good growth. If pruning is necessary, do so as the flowers fade, before next year's buds form. Ideally, plant this tall-growing cultivar where it will not need to be pruned back.

Sun Exposure: Full Shade, Partial Shade

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