ShrubBucket Perennials for ShadeThe shade garden can be exciting, colorful and EASY. Shade loving perennials can not only look beautiful, but produce beautiful flowers in the shade. Here are our TOP TEN FAVORITE SHADE PERENNIALS:
1) Hosta-endless foliage colors and sizes to choose from. A staple in the shade garden
2) Astilbe-you want big, beefy, summer color in the shade? Look no further, Astilbe is what you want
3) Coral Bells-Pretty much every foliage color combination imaginable. Want orange in the shade? Burgundy? Lime green with pink veins? You got it. SUPER easy.
4) Goat's Beard-A wonderful flowering shade perennial with white plumes in late spring/early summer

5) Bleeding Hearts-These old fashioned spring flowering perennials have stood the test of time, and will in your garden, too!

6) Anemone-Looking for some color in the shade for fall? Anemones come in all heights and colors.
7) Lenton Roses-A show stopping early spring perennial..will sometimes bloom right through the snow!
8) Columbine- A gorgeous mid spring blooming in every color of the rainbow!'
9) Solomon's Seal-There is nothing quite like a solomon's seal flower in the spring. Get your neighbors talking with this easy shade perennial.
10) Ferns-You'll be surprised at how dynamic ferns can be in the shade garden

Top Ten Perennials for Shade

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