Check out how this business has re-invented how people buy plants.

Ever wonder what would happen if a group of nursery professionals got together and re-invented how everyday homeowners purchase plants for their gardens and landscaping? has been billed as the new "21st Century Garden Center". What makes it so different? Customers have direct access to what growers have in stock at this very minute from the best and largest growers. There isn't  100 choices, like your local nursery, but literally thousands. It hasn't been sitting on a shelf, or in a truck, or bone dry in nursery - It's literally the freshest, highest quality plant available. Your order is delivered to us, and we hand deliver it to your home in our own trucks. The time from order to delivery is an amazing 4-5 business days. No messy mail order, or half dead plants on arrival- just full size nursery stock, as healthy as possible, sold at the peak time for planting in your garden. Shrubs, trees, perennials, vines, herbs , groundcovers, etc.- the choices are limitless. More choices equal smarter choices. ShrubBucket wants successful gardeners as well as happy ones. 100% guarantee- any time, any reason. Direct access to growers, infinite choices, and the healthiest plants in the industry. Try searching for your favorite plants above- you'll be shocked at how ShrubBucket is re-inventing buying plants

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"You have ruined me! I'll never buy from a nursery or mail order again" - LG
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