Fothergilla, also known as witch-alder or mountain witch alder, is a deciduous shrub from the same family as witch hazel (Hamamelis). Its white aromatic flowers bloom in spring after the foliage appears. The flowers appear like bottle brush spikes which are 1-3" long. They grow from 6' to 10' with a spread of 5' to 9', and are slow-growing. The dwarf fothergilla are significantly smaller and may reach around 3' tall. Forsythia grow anywhere in USDA Hardiness Zones 5 to 8. Their main season of interest is spring, but in fall its leaves turn shades of reds, oranges and yellows that create stunning visual interest. Common uses for fothergilla include:

 ● Hedge
 ● Groupings or mass planting
 ● Mix with rhododendrons

Extant species of fothergilla: F. major (Large Fothergilla) and F. gardenii (Dwarf Fothergilla) 

Hybrids of fothergilla: Fothergilla x intermedia

Zones for Fothergilla

Zones 5 - 8

Soil for Fothergilla

Prefers a moist, acidic soil that is organically rich and are not excessively drained -- an acidic clay soil which can hold moisture and drains well is ideal. Soils should be a pH of <6.8.

Planting Fothergilla

Planting for zones 7 & 8 can be done year round, other zones should be planted in early spring of early fall. Plant fothergilla in an area with full sun or partial shade. 

Irrigation for Fothergilla

Watering depends on the amount of sun and/or shade provided. Water during dry periods. These plants will suffer in extended drought, especially when planted in full sun.

Deer Resistance & Pollinators

Fothergilla is considered deer-resistant, and is also very disease and insect resistant. 

Fertilization for Fothergilla

Acid-forming fertilizers are the best to use, because of the fothergilla's need for acidic soils. In richer soils fothergilla will likely not need any fertilization.

Pruning for Fothergilla

Light pruning to remove unwanted suckers or damaged branches immediately after flowering. 

Supplies for Growing Fothergilla

Whether you need containers, soil or trowels, we've got the supplies you need to plant fothergilla and keep them healthy all year long. 

Soils for Fothergilla

Healthy soil is the key to healthy fothergilla! Healthy soil that is rich in organic material means healthy, disease resistant plants that require less watering and feeding.

Fertilizers for Fothergilla

One great way to ensure top quality growth results with fothergilla is to get the proper fertilizer.

Fothergilla Care Tools
Our gardening professionals have curated the best fothergilla gardening tools for you! Make sure to stock up on all the right gardening tools to make caring for your fothergilla easy, comfortable and efficient. 

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