About ShrubBucket

ShrubBucket is solely an online store which was started with a simple idea: Use modern technology to connect our customers with the largest and freshest supply of regionally available full size plants possible, updated every single day, and delivered directly to your home by us. As nurserymen, we believe there is simply no reason you should be limited by whats available at one or two nurseries, when you can have access to all of the region's nurseries together in one site. More options equals smarter choices and lots more creativity. ShrubBucket offers plants from our  regional growers and delivers them directly to your home for free within 5 days - Just at the perfect time for planting! 


ShrubBucket Core Values- What we believe in:
Collaboration: We bring together people who love to garden. We seamlessly join together garden professionals, plant-lovers, homeowners, and businesses to create a one of a kind community based on a common passion where everyone becomes successful as a result.
Knowledge: We create open and honest relationships with our customers to provide them with the necessary tools and information to make them as successful as possible. A smarter customer is a more successful one. We want to be known as the thinking person’s nursery.
Excellence:  We strive every day to create a level of excellence greater than the day before. We dissect every aspect of our business and try to achieve simplicity and elegance for our customers no matter how small the task.
Innovation: We want nothing less than to revolutionize our industry. Our goal is to re-invent it as simple, seamless, and intelligent as humanly possible to the benefit of our customers and the planet. Innovation equals more success for our customers.
“ShrubBucket is deeply committed and passionate about making our customers the happiest gardeners possible.”
How do we do it?
Quality: ShrubBucket creates partnerships with the top wholesale nurseries in the country and negotiates with each to receive their highest quality, full sized, professional grade plants. Our plants are quality checked 3 times- when they are selected from the growing fields, when they are shipped from the nursery, and again before they come to you. The health and quality of our plants is the cornerstone of our business. Basically, we’re tired of overpaying for underwhelming plants.
Variety: The incredible value of technology gives us the ability to bring you the largest selection available at its absolute best. Throughout the season our availability can change hour by hour. We believe that great gardeners need to have an infinite number of choices to maximize their vision. Just as a painter can’t create a masterpiece with just one or two colors of paint, a gardener can’t create their vision with a few dozen choices.
Service: Our reputation depends on our words aligning with our actions. From the moment you log in, to the delivery arriving at your door, we pride ourselves on creating a working relationship with our customers to help them achieve specifically what they need for their particular garden. We recognize that every garden situation is different and as a team we strive to help you discover new ways of maximizing your purchases.
Passion: Let’s face it, gardening can be finicky. Cookie cutter approaches do not work in the world of selling plants. Our job is not only to help you find the correct plant for the correct location but also to transfer our enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion for the world of plants. We are not a big box store or a huge anonymous website, but a group of deeply passionate horticultural professionals whose goal is to see you succeed.
We are your team.
Have fun shopping and happy gardening!