Fern - Ostrich - 2 Gal.


Matteuccia struthiopteris

Regal in its upright, vase shaped form, Ostrich Fern provides a commanding presence in the American Beauties garden. With its soft, green-gray, delicate fronds, this plant also introduces a touchability factor to a wide range of landscape locations from shade to sun. It prefers moist well-drained soil and thrives in shade but will be equally stunning in a sunny location if given a lot of moisture, like that available from a pond side or water garden side planting. Ostrich Fern almost looks like a small palm tree at times and its vase forming stems provide needed bird cover whether planted in sun or shade.

Interesting Notes

Matteuccia, named in honor of C. Matteucci (1800-1868), an Italian physicist. struthiopteris, from the Greek, strouqeios (stroutheios), "of an ostrich", and pteris (pteris), "fern" Common Name, from the resemblance of the fronds to the plumes of the large flightless bird of Africa. Fiddleheads (young coiled sterile fronds) are considered a delicacy.

Plant Details

Zone: 3 - 8

Mature Size: 3-4ft High x 2-3ft Wide

Growing Tips

M. struthiopteris is native to moist thickets and wooded river bottoms. Prefers moist, rich, well-drained, neutral to acidic soils in full to partial shade. Intolerant of drought and intense heat and humidity. Spreads freely by rhizomes especially in moist, loose soils. Propagate by division every few years in the spring. Best planted in masses in the naturalized, shaded or 

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