Celandine Poppe - 1 Gal.


Stylophorum diphyllum

Create an early season sensation in your garden with this very dependable, very showy bloomer. Heavily lobed, deep green, silver backed foliage emerges early in the spring to form a wide spreading mat of foliage. Plants are quickly topped by a continuing succession of flower buds that begin to open in mid to late April, showing off clusters of bright yellow flowers that will continue unabated until early June. While also being a shade lover, Celandine Poppy loves moisture and is at home along ponds and stream beds where it satisfies its hankering for moist feet. This plant provides lots of landscape cover for native critters and is very showy when grouped, in fact, it so aggressively seeds itself you may want to give it some room and look to keep it contained for your optimum enjoyment.

Plant Details

Zone: 4 - 8

Mature Size: 12-18in High x 12-15in Wide

Growing Tips

Sun Exposure: Full Shade, Partial Shade

Availability and quality confirmed as of Friday, February 15 2019

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