Holly-Japanese 'Drops Of Gold' - 2 Gal.


Ilex crenata 'Drops Of Gold'

It's amazing how you can turn a staid, stodgy, dependable plant into the next hot plant with just a splash of color. 'Drops of Gold' is a great example as Ilex crenata 'Hetzi' morphs from boring to brilliant with splotches of bright gold color spangling its small, convex, deep green foliage. This show of gold is even brighter in full sun and remains that way without the fading that can occur in the heat of the summer for some yellow colored plants. Easy to care for and easy to trim, 'Drops of Gold' is a shot of life for any foundation or low hedge. See pages 14-15 for more details on the White Flower Farm program.

Plant Details

Zone: 6 - 8

Mature Size: 4 ft High x 6 - 7 ft Wide

Current Size Est.: 10-12''

Growing Tips

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

Availability and quality confirmed as of Wednesday, August 5 2020

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