Andromeda 'Flaming Silver' - 3 Gal.


Pieris japonica 'Flaming Silver'

You can't help being intrigued by the outstanding landscape color this plant will provide throughout the season. Like most Pieris, 'Flaming Silver' blooms in late April with an abundance of white flowers borne on drooping stems at branch ends. The big difference is that this selection blooms against the backdrop of deep green leaves bordered by a distinct, creamy white border that gives the plant a silver sheen that is unmistakable. Even better, once flowering is done, new foliage emerges a fiery red color that puts most flowers to shame with its brilliance. Deer resistant and desirous of at least partial shade, this is a plant that you're going to love!

Plant Details

Zone: 5 - 8

Mature Size: 6-8ft High x 6-8ft Wide

Current Size: 15-18''

Growing Tips

Likes well-drained, moist soil and mulch. Prune immediately after flowering in late spring by cutting branches to just above a set of leaves. Protect from winter winds.

Sun Exposure: Partial Shade, Partial Sun

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