Mexican Cilantro - 1 Gal.


Eryngium foetidum

Mexican Culantro has a earthy cilantro fragrance and flavor, it can be used in anyway that cilantro is traditionally used such as soups, stews, and salads. It makes an excellent topping for pork or tacos. The flavor is strong and when used in recipes that call for cilantro you will only need half the amount. Harvest the long leaves frequently and store them unwashed in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. To prepare Culantro just wash and chop the large leaves finely and add to your favorite Puerto Rican recipe or salsa. If your plant starts to bolt as the summer temperatures rise just cut off the flower stalk to try to delay flowering, if it does flower the leaves can become tough and not as tasty.

Plant Details

Zone: 9 - 12

Mature Size: 4-6in High x 8-12in Wide

Growing Tips

Mexican Culantro can be grown similar to the traditional Cilantro or as you would grow lettuce. In a full sun location with excellent drainage and rich soil. Water deeply when the soil becomes dry on the surface.

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

Availability and quality confirmed as of Tuesday, March 12 2019

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