Astilbe 'Visions' - 2 Gal.


Astilbe chinensis 'Visions'

Broad leaves with deep cuts are what make this variety different from the others. Not to mention the incredibly bright lilac-purple flowers that bloom all summer. A shorter, more compact form allows for 'Visions' to be planted anywhere you have a shady gap to fill. Blooms July-August.

Plant Details

Zone: 3 - 8

Mature Size: 15-24in High x 24-30in Wide

Growing Tips

Astilbe's should be pruned in the early spring after the last frost. Pruning them in early summer is an option but the longer you wait the more flowers could be lost to the prune. You can prune off spent flowers to keep your plant looking tidy but too much pruning late in the season can spur new growth that is delicate and may be killed off by frosts in the fall and winter and cause undo stress to the plant as well as an unsightly plant.

Sun Exposure: Full Shade, Partial Sun

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