Cherry 'Montmorency' - 7 Gal.


Prunus x 'Montmorency'

A plant with a storied American history, 'Montmorency' is, by far, the most widely grown 'sour cherry' or 'pie cherry' tree in America with nearly 100 years of fruiting history. Vigorous growing, 'Montmorency' is a heavy spring bloomer with clouds of small white, fragrant flowers followed up by a bumper crop of sizable cherries that mature in July and August. Perfect for pies and baked goods, these cherries are also quite good eating fresh especially if left on the tree until almost overripe to attain the highest sugar content possible. Once picked, the fruit doesn't last long but its perfect for preserves and jams. Self-fruitful.

Plant Details

Zone: 3 - 8

Mature Size: 20-25ft High x 20-25ft Wide

Current Size: 5-6'

Availability and quality confirmed as of Sunday, June 16 2019

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