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Fig 'Peters Honey Fig' - #3


Ficus carica 'Peter's Honey' Fig

While not hardy to northern areas, this great tasting Fig will have you taking out all the stops to see it through the winter just so you can enjoy its bounteous yearly crop of medium-sized, yellow-fleshed, very sweet tasting fruit. 'Peter's Honey' will mature as a small, spreading tree with deep green, deeply indented foliage. Its fruit, like that of all Figs, is really a hollow receptacle with hundreds of fleshy flower facing each other forming a fruit-like structure that is borne twice in a single season. The first crop of fruit is early in the year from old wood while a wholly different fall crop arises from the new wood produced on the tree that year. No matter how the fruit arises or when it comes, it is a taste sensation that is not to be missed especially since this selection may have one of the sweetest fruits in the Fig world! 'Peter's Honey' needs special care to make it through our winters. The best way to grow it would be in a container in a bright, sunny area that can be moved to a protected, warmer winter spot, free from our naormal winter conditions

Plant Details

Zone: 7-9

Mature Size: 12-15ft High x 12-15ft Wide

Current Size: 18-21"

Container: #3

Availability and quality confirmed as of Monday, December 10 2018

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