Tomato 'New Yorker' - 1 Gal.


Tomato 'New Yorker'

Everyone has heard the sterotype that all New Yorkers are brash, loud, bigger than life characters. While 'New Yorker' the tomato may not be as bold and brash, it will still make a huge impression on the gardener. Start with its ability to adapt to the cooler northern tier weather. 'New Yorker' produces a bountiful crop of 5 to 6 ounce fruit starting a mere 63 days after transplant. Then there is this plant's unforgettable taste: this early maturing fruit will assure you of a long season of harvesting these sweet tasting, slightly acid tanged tomatoes that are a treat eaten fresh or canned.

Plant Details

Zone: 8 - 10

Mature Size: 4-6ft High x 18-36in Wide

Availability and quality confirmed as of Friday, May 24 2019

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