Tomato 'Tumbling Tom Red' - 1 Gal.


Tomato 'Tumbling Tom Red'

Patio gardens won't be complete without this hanging Tomato plant. Tumbling Tom Red is a larger sized cherry Tomato on a compact, cascading plant that tumbles over the edge of any hanging basket, patio planter or even over a garden wall. Sweet cherry red Tomatoes are early to ripen and taste great in salads, pasta dishes or fresh off this small but powerful plant. The lush green foliage and bright cherry red Tomatoes combined with tight form make this plant and the constant supply of fruit on it almost as ornamental as it is utilitarian. Plant Tumbling Tom Red in full sun and water frequently and deeply when dry. Since you may be growing it in a container or hanging basket, make sure it gets fertilizer regularly to keep the foliage deep green and the plant loaded with fruit.

Plant Details

Zone: 8 - 10

Mature Size: 20-24in High x 6-10in Wide

Availability and quality confirmed as of Tuesday, March 12 2019

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