Oak - Swamp White - 3 Gal.


Quercus bicolor

This American Beauties exclusive is an amazingly tolerant tree, easy to grow, and very attractive to birds and other wildlife. Moderate to quick growing, it produces a rounded, thick growing head covered in lustrous, dark green, heavily toothed foliage with a silver backing that gives this plant a unique, two-toned look. This plant tolerates a wide range of soils from wet to dry and also provides a magnificent nesting area for birds and small mammals along with prodigious amounts of acorns as a food source. Even butterflies hang around this tree since its leaves are a caterpillar food source for a number of colorful species. It even has a nice display of fall color ranging from yellow to reddish-purple making it a great shade tree for all seasons.

Plant Details

Zone: 3 - 8

Mature Size: 60 - 70 ft High x 60 - 70 in Wide

Availability and quality confirmed as of Tuesday, July 14 2020

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