Crabapple 'Manchurian' - 7 Gal.


Malus baccata 'Manchurian'

With a name like Siberian Crabapple, this charmer is bound to be hardy. But fragrant, and floriferous, too? Mounds of perfumed white flowers cover the rounded tree in spring, followed by large, multi-colored fruit that stays through the winter and is a favorite of ruffed grouse, pheasant, and woodpeckers. Countless other birds rely upon the fruit, seed, buds, nectar, and flowers for food. Golden foliage in autumn provides a gorgeous backdrop for the persistent bright red and yellow fruit.

Plant Details

Zone: 2 - 7

Mature Size: 20-25ft High x 15-25ft Wide

Current Size: 5-6'

Growing Tips

Prune after flowering, even though flower buds form for the next year. Performs best planted in full sun, well-drained soils, however it is very adaptable many types of soil.

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