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Coneflower 'Sombrero® Blanco' - 8 In.


Echinacea Sombrero® Blanco

Exquisite, pure white blooms are the showpiece of this new member of the esteemed Sombrero® series of Coneflower breeding, famous for their excellent winter hardiness and compact, well branched habit. Huge, single flowers with overlapping snowy white petals surround a large brown cone, making Sombrero® Blanco the perfect way of making companion plants really "pop" in a mixed container or sunny border planting.

Plant Details

Mature Size: 18-20in High x 22-24in Wide

Growing Tips

Thrives in full sun. Plant in well-drained soil. Cut off spent blooms to encourage new blooms in summer, and leave flower heads in place for birds to enjoy in the fall and winter. Feed yearly with an organic fertilizer. Cut back to near ground level in late fall after a hard freeze.

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

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