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Weigela 'My Monet® Sunset' - 2 Gal.


Weigela Florida 'My Monet Sunset'

Forget about flower color! This color machine will have you dreaming in color the whole year even without bloom…that's how striking this selection's foliage is! Dense, compact and slow growing, this tight little shrub coats itself with foliage in early May that emerges with a wide golden green band surrounding a deeper green center on each leaf. The color is tremendous when it emerges but it becomes more pronounced and the year progresses until it culminates in fall with an infusion of brilliant reddish-pink color that will set the autumn landscape alight! Its great foliage is stable and resistant to the kind of reverion that can take a garden star and turn it into garden drab. My Monet® Sunset will bloom occasionally with pinkish-purple tubular blooms but it is mostly a great, colorful foliage plant that loves full sun or partail shade, especially fruther south, and is perfect for grouping in the garden or using as a colorful anchor in a container that just keeps on coloring!

Plant Details

Zone: 5 - 8

Mature Size: 18-24in High x 18-24in Wide

Current Size: 10-12''

Growing Tips

Prefers well-drained soils but is extremely adaptable to other soil types. Pruning is best done immediately after flowering; little pruning is needed. Medium moisture. Fertilize in early spring by applying a slow release fertilizer specialized for trees & shrubs. Follow the label for recommended rate of application. This is a slow growing plant and may need a year in the landscape before it increases in size.

Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade

Availability and quality confirmed as of Monday, July 15 2019

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