Crabapple 'Royal Raindrops' - 15 Gal.


Malus x 'Royal Raindrops'

Here is the crabapple we've all been waiting for...not the messy, high maintenance varieties that will tease you with great color only to succumb to disease and messiness, but an exciting new selection that will please even the most hardcore skeptics. In May, watch 'Royal Raindrops' become completely blanketed by a staggering number of magenta-pink blossoms that just won't let go of their vivid color. These striking blooms look even brighter against its captivating, deep purple, cutleaf foliage that will thrill you long after the flowers have disappeared. Along with great looks, 'Royal Raindrops' is highly disease resistant and heat and drought tolerant. Tiny, persistent, sparkling red berries last long and are in great demand by songbirds for fall and winter eating. Use this upright grower as a specimen in any sunny loacation and watch the fireworks!

Plant Details

Zone: 4 - 8

Mature Size: 15-20ft High x 10-15ft Wide

Current Size: 7-8'

Growing Tips

Sun Exposure: Full Sun

Availability and quality confirmed as of Thursday, December 12 2019

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