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Coneflower 'Sombrero® Salsa Red' - 8 In.


Echinacea Sombrero® 'Salsa Red'

All the new Echinaceas on the market have all been about the hottest flower colors seemingly at the expense of the plant itself. Thank goodness someone is finally paying some attention creating some brilliant Coneflowers with a plant you can be proud of in the landscape! The Sombrero®™ series of Echinacea gives you that dense, tight compact form you've been craving with immese bud counts that will make sure you'll have a bevy of bloom strating in early summer right on through the season. Hot Salsa brings the blooming heat that will have you gasping for a cold drink with brilliant red flowers featuring a bulbous, rounded center cone surrounded by a single row of petals. With all the flowers that will give you a summer of constant, smoldering color is it any wonder that you will break out in a sweat every time you see it? Plant Hot Salsa in full sun and don't be afraid to group them together to magnify their ability to attract butterflies for nectar and songbirds for spent flower seeds

Plant Details

Zone: 4 - 8

Mature Size: 18-24in High x 18-24in Wide

Growing Tips

Thrives in full sun. Plant in well-drained soil. Cut off spent blooms to encourage new blooms or leave flower heads in place for birds to enjoy in the fall and winter. Feed yearly with an organic fertilizer. Cut back to near ground level in late fall after a hard freeze.

Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Sun

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